Why You Should Put Emojis On Your Next Email Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most prominent digital marketing techniques available for you to consider. However, traditional email marketing campaigns are not capable of delivering the best returns to you. This is where you should think about innovating the email marketing campaigns that you launching. If you are looking for an effective strategy to innovate your email marketing campaigns, you can go ahead and start using emojis.

You can experience numerous benefits by including emojis in the emails that you send as a part of your email marketing campaign. Here are the most prominent benefits out of them.

1. You Can Save Space

People in today’s world have packed schedules. Therefore, we prefer to go through our emails within the shortest possible time. This is applicable for the people who receive emails that you send out as well. This is why it is important for you to learn how to save space in the emails that you are sending out. Emojis will be able to deliver a great assistance to you with it.

Emojis are not new to the world. People are used to it. Therefore, your email will not look awkward after the usage of emojis. You can therefore use emojis and get the assistance offered by them to save space.

2. Increase Email Open Rates

One of the biggest struggles that you will face when launching an email marketing campaign is to increase the email open rates. Fortunately, emojis will be able to help you with that! From numerous studies conducted in the past, it has been identified that using emojis in the titles can boost the email open rates. In fact, you can experience an increase in your open rates by around 15%.

The results you get with boosting email open rates by including emojis in titles vary based on the exact emoji that you use. For example, if you can use the umbrella emoji, you will be able to increase your email open rates by around 50%. However, you should also make sure that the emojis you use are relevant to the title and content of your email.

3. Easily Capture The Attention

If you expect your audience to go through the emails you send, you will have to grab their attention. Emojis can help you with it. People in today’s world receive dozens of emails on a daily basis. We don’t have time to open and read each and every email out of them. However, we will open the emails that have catchy headlines. This is where you can use emojis in the titles.

When you use an emoji in the email title, your email will look different among other emails in the inbox of a recipient. Therefore, he will be tempted to go ahead and click on the email. This is how you can capture the attention through emojis.

4. Convey Your Message Effectively

It is important for you to convey the message that you have composed in the email to recipients. Otherwise, all the time, effort and money you spend on the email marketing campaign would be in vain. This is where you can think about using emojis in the emails.

As you already know, emojis are in a position to introduce a visual element into the emojis. Therefore, you will find it as an easy task to communicate with the emotions and feelings of your audience. This can help you to communicate the core message of your email in a better way.

5. Encourage Engagement

After reading your email, you expect your audience to go ahead and click on the URL you have included. A plain boring text will never be able to assist you to creating such engagement. This is where you must think about using emojis.

Emojis can increase the interest of people towards your offer. Along with that, you will find it as an easy task to boost engagement. In fact, the aesthetics and visual representation of emojis will be highly appreciated by your audience. This can help you to get the maximum returns offered by the email marketing campaign.

6. Easily Connect With Gen Z And Millennials

If you are promoting a product or service that can benefit Gen Z or millennials, you must think about using emojis in the emails that you send out. Otherwise, you will be missing out one of the biggest opportunities that you have to get their attention and tempt them to purchase what you are offering.

Gen Z and millennials are familiar with emojis. In fact, they are using emojis on a daily basis. Therefore, you can make your email more personal to them with the help of emojis. When you make your emails more appealing to Gen Z and millennials, you will be able to get them to purchase what you are offering with ease.

7. Emojis Can Positively Contribute Towards Your Brand Identity

It is also important to note that emojis you use are in a position to create a positive impact on your brand identity. Digital marketing experts and branding experts agree to the fact that emojis are capable of making the dull email marketing campaigns interactive. On the other hand, the usage of emojis is in a position to enhance hilarity in digital communications.

More than 92% of the people who communicate with digital communication channels use emojis to communicate their feelings with others. When you are using in your email marketing campaign, you can easily boost your brand awareness. Along with that, you can even position your brand at a higher level than your competition.

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