What Makes A Good Website

What Makes a Good Website?

What Makes a Good Website?

If there are two million websites online, how can yours stand out from the rest? A good website is both aesthetic and functional, thereby, conveying an effective message while engaging the user.

Web development and design is the process of curating different elements aesthetically, arranging by guiding principles. It’s the use of text, fonts, layouts, color schemes, and structure to improve user experience.

Here, we’ll delve about its important features, characteristics, and why you need to invest with one right now with us.

Elements of a good website

Just like graphic design, the web has similar elements and interactive features for better user experience. Here are its key components:


Color schemes are vital in the world of design. It conveys a brand message of cohesiveness and identity. Here’s how to use colors for the web:

  1. Simplify your color schemes to avoid an eyesore
  2. You can have two colors (max of three) to avoid visual distraction
  3. If you think the color schemes are too repetitive, you can add shades and tints of your chosen colors for a variety

As much as possible, go minimal on your website for better focus, branding, and retention.


Web designers usually input two web-safe fonts that work in all browsers. Having more than three fonts will make your site look messy and unclear. You can experiment with your fonts using Italics and Boldface instead.


Using photos, logos, and illustrations can enhance the aesthetics of a website. They need to be placed properly around the web for visual clarity. You can choose graphics that are in line with your website’s color schemes and content. Don’t make the file size too heavy – it might slow down your site speed, which is bad for SEO.

Negative Space

Modern website designs use a lot of white space as a buffer to all elements on the page. It serves as a rest for the eyes when all elements are overcrowding the site. Negative space makes for a clean and organized website.


How you arrange content, graphics, and other elements on a page matters. With the proper layout, you help the users find the info they seek with ease. One should take note of maintaining the balance, integrity, and consistency of the design.


Content enhances the branding of your website through videos, graphics, and text. Its context, relevant and useful, is the reason why people remain on your site. Remember to optimize content for search engines containing relevant keywords for organic results.

User Experience

While web design deals with compelling aesthetic designs, a website must also always consider functionality and user experience. Consider the following elements for user-friendly characteristics:

  1. Navigation
  2. Web and browser compatibility
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Interactive
  5. Information accessibility

Many factors can affect user experience, so make sure to consider that when investing in web design services.

Codes, CSS, and Javascript files

Having fewer and cleaner codes can have benefits. For one, it can help load your site faster leading to an enhanced page site speed. Faster page speed can amp up your SEO and lower bounce rates. That’s because no one likes to wait for a slow website – your visitors will mostly abandon you and turn for someone else’s.

Affordable web development in the Philippines

We don’t only focus on the aesthetic side of your website – we make sure that it’s functional as well. We work with different businesses to optimize marketing costs and drive sales.

Simplicity. Simplicity doesn’t mean your site will look boring. We’ll be making a slick design while improving user experience by integrating proper design elements.

Quality and credibility. From files and scripts to design and content, it’s all top-notch quality with our professional team. All design and content on your website are intended to boost brand identity.

User-friendly. While we strive for feature exposure, we turn your website user-friendly for your customer’s best experience. We deliver easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, faster site speed, and more.

Visibility. Your website is the ultimate marketing tool you’ll ever have. That means, we’ll keep it optimized for search engines to have your site discovered by your customers.

If you’re looking to facelift your website, our professional team will provide maximum effort to your web design needs. Not only do we focus on aesthetic designs, but we make sure that it’s functional, client-driven, and SEO-enhanced.

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