How Much Does A Website Cost In The Philippines

The internet has become the marketplace for all things. Moving your business or service online is one added advantage important to boost sales and profit. This is why you need a website. A website owned by you is your personal space, where you can express what you do and even take your market overseas, selling internationally.

Domain and Hosting

So, how much does a website usually costs in the Philippines then? Here is a breakdown of the prices depending on the type of site you want either for your business or personal purposes. The cost does not only cover the developer’s fee but will also include domain name and web hosting fees. Your domain name is the unique URL address and identity of your website and the most affordable domain names would cost at least ₱900 (18 USD) per year, and could cost more if you avail domain privacy add-ons (which is often recommended). Getting a good web hosting platform too will cost at least ₱2,000 (40 USD) per year, depending on the bandwidth and the features of your hosting provider.

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1. Brochure Websites (₱25,000-₱30,000)

This is the most common type of website that clients usually avail. If you are looking to optimize your personal brand and build a portfolio by having a blog or an informative website, then brochure type websites is perfect for you. Brochure websites often cost at least ₱20,000- ₱30,000 (400-600 USD). Its main purpose is to mainly engage and educate your potential clients regarding your products through effective, search engine optimized words and images. It usually consists of less than 5 pages (home, about, services, contact, etc), and other basic functionalities. This type of website is perfect for small businesses and service-based business with a limited budget.

2. Business Website (₱35,000-₱50,000)

With business websites, it becomes a little more complicated. You will need to pay a higher price to ensure your website is of the best quality and is optimized to the very best potential. It will cost at least ₱35,000 (700 USD) for a business website. This is perfect for corporate websites, hotel and travel agencies and the like. 

The higher cost is attributed to a more secure domain name, more space, and features enabled with the web host, email hosting, and higher rate for the developer’s fee due to the nature of the site for its intended business use. You may have to pay more for content management, development, and maintenance depending on the nature of your business.

3. E-commerce Website (₱40,000-₱60,000)

One primary definition of E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, would refer to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. It lets the customer purchase your products and services through your website by integrating various payment providers.

Moving your business online by building an e-commerce website will often cost more than the previously mentioned website types. Depending on your traffic expectations, language, and user interface features, a small or medium-scale e-commerce website costs from ₱40,000-₱60,000 (800-1200 USD), depending on your desired features and the number of products.

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Building A Website

Building a website from scratch is hard work. The technicalities that go into coding and designing take a lot of years to learn and develop. You will need to hire a web developer and designer to handle the task of building a website for you from scratch, and this will cost depending on the location of your web developer. In places like the United States, hiring a website developer can cost up to $50,000, or even more depending on your desired interface and functionalities. If your business is small and growing, a more affordable alternative is building a website through a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, and it is what we usually do here at Berry Creatives.

No matter which website to choose, it is important to know the design that you want, as well as the results that you would want to accomplish from it. Whether you’re building a personal blog or an e-commerce website, feel free to ask us for a free quote!

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