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How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost

A shiny and new website may bring traffic, but it’s the content that keeps visitors engage and stay. Websites with relevant copy are often trusted sources of information. Here’s what good copy will bring to your site:

  1. Focused readers
  2. Relevant customers through SEO targeting
  3. Authoritative brand voice
  4. Trust – leading to sales
  5. Higher engagement

A good copywriter knows how to tell the story of a brand, tweaked with marketing strategies, and on-page optimizations. But, how much does website copywriting costs? Rates per agency and person often differ from one another and are affected by different factors.

How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost | Berry Creatives

Different Kinds of Web Content and Copy

There are different kinds of website content found on the net. For instance, there are blog posts, web content for about us pages, and e-commerce product pages. Here’s a lowdown on how much they cost on average.

Blog Posts (Optimized)

Blog posts are commonly delivered for businesses that wanted a more engaging, authoritative, and optimized website. A professionally written and SEO optimized blog post can bring traffic and buyers to the site, thus, one needs an experienced copywriter to make that happen.

Costs: $0.02 per word (basic) to $0.1 per word or more for premium, quality writing. Experienced copywriters are priced at $40 for a 1,000-word article.

Web Info and Pages

Web pages such as Home, About Us, Feature Pages, Product, and Services Page, and other web copies are usually pricier than blog posts. What you need the copywriter here is to deliver an optimized piece, while telling the story of your brand. Web content is often the amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality of web copy.

Costs: Basic services will start at $0.02 per word, however, a more optimized web page (one page) will cost best at $100 to $250.

E-Commerce Store | Berry Creatives

E-Commerce Pages

Product reviews and descriptions vary in depth, length, and scientific research needed. In an e-commerce page, expect content on the main page, individual product descriptions and reviews, additional pages to extras, and more.

Costs: The main product page will often cost around $75 to $250 depending on the number of items for sale and the content to be produced. Individual product descriptions are often packaged or priced individually at $0.02 per word.

Campaign Ads (PPC)

PPC marketers will charge more because their expertise will involve more towards sales language, customer psychology, and lead generation followed by conversion optimization.

Costs: Campaigns ads are short and are often packaged with 3 to 5 pieces written for you. These pieces are prepared for A/B split testing or to cater to other customer demographics. It’s often priced at $50 on average.

Email and Newsletters

Costs: Inviting people to subscribe to your website, blog, or product offers? You need the right copywriter for that. The person should craft words that can entice people to subscribe, open their emails, and take action to the content provided.

Costs: We see emails and newsletters ranging from $400 to $1,000 a month depending on the number of emails needed, the content of the email provided, and the objective of the content.

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