Anatomy of a landing page

Anatomy of a Good Landing Page

A landing page is the first web page when users visit your site. That being said, digital business owners would want to impress visitors for higher engagement purposes.

A landing page can be your product page, event page, or free download page, tailored with a specific ads campaign. Your customers usually bump into your landing page through Google Ads or Facebook because it interests them, but, how to make them stay?

Here’s an anatomy of a landing page to win customers!

What makes a good landing page?

An effective and good landing page attracts the attention of visitors and obliges them to complete an action for business leads or sales. But what makes up the anatomy of a good landing page?

UI vs. UX: Balanced visuals and imagery

About 75% of web visitors first see the graphics of the site before taking in the details. Bad use of visuals, fonts, and layout can jolt visitors away from your landing page. This in turn will hurt your SEO performance, attention and bounce rates, and lead generation or conversion optimization goals.

How to have a balanced UI vs. UX web page? Your aesthetic value must offset with its functionality!

  1. Create web flow and layouts
  2. Keep your page mobile-friendly
  3. Better speed optimization
  4. Separated content sections, yet clear and engaging enough
  5. Appealing and smart use of color schemes

Write engaging headlines

Once the visitor goes over the visuals of your website, you need to find a compelling way for visitors to stay onsite. That’s when you write engaging headlines and copy that can spark the interest of your visitors.

Headlines should:

  1. Catch the readers’ attention within 3 seconds and be able to retain more than that.
  2. Should be short and concise. Great headlines should be fewer than 20 words!
  3. Should be persuasive, powerful, or emotional to create an impact.

Offers something valuable and beneficial to customers

What’s the product or service you want to offer to customers? Many users have landed on click-bait sites, promising them of valuable content. However, users are often dismayed by marketers to have overpriced products for basic services.

So, what can you offer to your customers?

  1. Free e-book
  2. High-quality training
  3. Sales and discounts
  4. Limited offers
  5. Special packaged plans for users who landed on the page

Add a call of action phrase

The goal of every landing page is to increase leads and boost conversion rates to sales. And the best way to make that happen is to have a clear call to action phrase or button. Oftentimes, customers are directed to a site where they can’t make clear on what to do afterward.

Should they read a blog?

Will they download the app?

Are they going to sign up to have a copy of the e-book?

A call to action helps customers take the specified action business owners want them to do. It’s beyond the “Read Me,” “Sign up now,” and “Download now” description you can see online. Rather it should be persuasive, engaging, and attending to the branded language of your customers.

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